A search pilot reported the sighting of wreckage on mountains in southwestern Utah and said it might be from a missing plane that was carrying an Arizona man and his 18-year-old son.

Tom Pierce, of Ogden, said he and his observer, Larry Pullen, on Thursday spotted what appeared to be aircraft remains in mountains near Glendale, Kane County, southwest of Bryce Canyon National Park.The remains appeared to be a tail and wing consistent with the description of the single-engine plane that was carrying Sherman Flake, 53, and his son, Scott, of Mesa.

They were flying to Chandler from Oregon when they disappeared. They last were seen July 13 when they refueled their plane at a convenience store at Fillmore.

Pierce said he, Pullen and a Kane County sheriff's deputy would fly over the site Friday and that the deputy then would dispatch a ground team.

Kane County sheriff's dispatcher Beverley Dinsmore said little information was available Friday on the wreckage.

"We are conducting an air search for an unconfirmed sighting of an aircraft. We have no further information," she said.

Flake's wife, Karen, said Thursday she held little hope her husband and son were alive.

"It will be good news to have a finish. It's unreal to think, and to imagine, everything that could have happened, and to wonder if they suffered. It's been an excruciating seven weeks."

She said she has been unable to collect on her husband's insurance because of the uncertainty over his fate. The insurance benefits are needed to help support the couple's daughters, she said.

"I'm still not able to cope with the loss of my son," she said. "This will take all of my lifetime to get over."