Age: 34.Where born: Nashville, Tenn.

Family: Wife Deborah and daughter Stephanie.

Primary products: Hospitality.

Primary markets: National and regional corporate, individual, group, association and leisure travelers.

Number of employees: 520 in my region: Salt Lake Hilton, Ogden Park Hotel and Boise Park Suite Hotel (under construction).


First "real" job: Washing dishes at age 13 at the Hilton Hotel in Nashville. My first career move was being promoted from waiter to head waiter at 17.

Management style: I hire people who are capable, intelligent and self-motivated and allow them to do their job, making sure they get all the tools and help they need. When they succeed, I succeed.

Strategy for success: Work hard but do the right things that lead me to success. My father passed on to me the virtue of a "hard day's work" and I have always tried to maintain this philosophy in every job I have held.

A memorable failure: Not being able to match the percentage of food and beverage profitability of a Palm Springs resort hotel that was parent of a hotel chain I worked for early in my career. This caused me to drop from a No. 1 position in the company to No. 2.

Heroes: My father and the many hospitality industry professionals who shared with me their best qualities and encouraged me to expand my horizons.

Leisure time and hobbies: Spending time with my wife, playing racquetball and hiking because it fulfills my love of the great outdoors.

Favorite book and movie: Because my my favorite subject is business, I most mostly enjoy reading business journals. Movies: "Dances with Wolves" and "Out of Africa."