Six inventions and two designs by Utah inventors were awarded patents by the U.S. Patent Office.

Jay P. Griggs, Bountiful. An adjustable recoil absorber for a shoulder held gun stock. Filed Dec. 12, 1986. Patent 5,001,855.Alan R. Lasson, Salt Lake City. Double containment tank liner system. Assigned to Baker Hughes Incorporated, Houston. Filed Mar. 13, 1990. Patent 5,002,195.

David P. Luman, Ogden. Modular hip stem prosthesis apparatus and method. Assigned to Venus Corp., Ogden. Filed May 4, 1990. Patent 5,002,578.

Boyd R. Beck, Spring City, and Robert D. Harris, Cameron Park, Calif. Chemical composition and method for removal of stains from fibers. Assigned to Harris Research, Inc., Cameron Park, Calif. Filed Jan. 23, 1989, a continuation of application Apr. 8, 1987. Patent 5,002,684.

Dirk H. Ostermiller, Salt Lake City. Single null miniature direction finder. Assigned to E-Systems, Inc., Dallas. Filed Apr. 24, 1989. Patent 5,003,316.

Vaugh L. Mower, Bountiful. A fast acquisition coherent code tracking loop producing a synchronized clock from a received code signal. Assigned to Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Pa. Filed Nov. 20, 1989. Patent 5,003,552.

Bonita Larsen, West Jordan. Disposable training pant. Filed Apr. 3, 1989. Design patent 315,630.

S. Ty Measom, Logan, and Scott R. Watterson, River Heights. Treadmill. Assigned to Proform Fitness Products, Inc., Logan. Filed Feb. 3, 1989. Design patent 315,765.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.