Good help's hard to find these days, especially if you're looking for a janitor. Just ask County Commissioner Gary Anderson.

Anderson, who has served as a commissioner for nearly six years, said he has yet to see county offices, new or old, kept adequately clean by private custodial companies. It's time the service was returned to in-house employees, even if it costs more, he said."We have a $9 million to $10 million investment here that is rapidly deteriorating because it just isn't kept clean," Anderson said of the new county building. Speaking during a recent commission meeting, he said continued bidding out of janitorial service to a private company is nothing but "an exercise in futility."

The county pays $7,190 monthly to R.B. Davis & Co. for janitorial service. The county's contract with the company expires Sept. 19.

Estimated in-house service by county employees would run a little higher at $9,736 a month, including costs of equipment and supplies, said County Engineer Clyde Naylor. Bids from other private companies compare with the county's estimate.

Commissioners decided to take bids from private companies even though they may decide to reject all bids and opt for in-house employees.

"I couldn't care less whether we have it in-house or contract it out," Anderson said. "I just want it clean."