Lagoon's new Ferris wheel - the 150-foot-tall "Skyscraper" - has been scraping mainly clouds since the amusement park opened on weekends three weeks ago.

As a result of the inclement weather, the park's total attendance to date is about 20 percent of last year's early season number, said Lagoon marketing director Dick Andrew."We had better luck last year," Andrew said.

This year, however, Lagoon has already experienced its entire projected spring weather losses. "We've lost that amount, and we still have a month (of spring) to go. We're hoping for sunny skies."

Andrew declined to give specific attendance numbers or monetary figures.

But the trouble began April 20, when Lagoon opened under overcast skies that threatened rain. The following day, the park was forced to close because of rain.

On Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28, Lagoon was closed because of snow.

Lagoon was open this past weekend, but a prior week of rain and cold failed to get people "in the mood," Andrew said.

Besides, the forecast had called for rain and people had probably already made other plans.

"We know what's going on. In this business, you not only need nice weather on the weekends but people need to get in the mood, and they can't do that when there are intermittent snow flurries. . . . "

Northern Utah's biggest recreational attraction hopes to make up its early losses with a strong summer season, which begins Memorial Day, when the park will begin opening daily, Andrew said.