Brian Henson, 27, became chief Muppeteer when his father, Jim Henson, died last year and says it's an awesome job and a big obligation.

Henson, who just led Jim Henson Productions through a successful fight against Disney over use of the Muppet characters, told People magazine "things were very bad for a while" after his father's sudden death and admits his job "scares me sometimes at night."Henson says he was attracted to his father's business because "it was so much fun. We were all hy-perserious kids, but when we visited the set it was obvious that they were all having a good time. We'd be reading in the corner and look at our father and his friends goofing off."

But the Henson kids didn't grow up with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

"It was his business and it didn't come home with him," Brian says.