Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf joins Mickey Mouse, Disney entertainers and singer Lee Greenwood in a rendition of "God Bless the USA" at a troop homecoming Sunday in Tampa, Fla. Schwarzkopf, who called the gala "the mother of all homecomings," paid tribute to those who stayed behind and supported the troops during the Persian Gulf war. Included in the crowd were more than 10,000 troops and their families. "We may be the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm, but you're the heaven from whence we came and you're the silver lining of our welcome home," the gulf war hero told a Tampa Stadium crowd of 28,380. Schwarzkopf and his family rode in a motorcade on a three-mile drive to the stadium for the "Red, White and Blue Troop Celebration," which featured 200 children singing the Pledge of Allegiance, fireworks and a flyover by jets from MacDill Air Force Base. More than 100 people - some from each branch of the military - took part, and Schwarzkopf commended each branch's contribution to the war. The spectacular was produced by Walt Disney World.