When wide receiver Eric Price comes home from practice for lunch these days, he often brings about 98 more football players, some trainers and coaches with him.

Four times a week for about five weeks, from the start of football camp until the start of the fall quarter Sept. 26 at Weber State, Joyce Price, wife of Coach Mike Price and mother of Eric, opens the doors to her kitchen to a back yard full of her husband's football team.The Prices have been hosting the unique picnic-style lunches for the players for three years, with help from assistant coaches and their wives and food donated by boosters, as a way to save money in the sparse Wildcat football budget. It costs more to have the Weber food service do the meals until school starts and all the students are on campus.

Joyce doesn't mind the extra work and says it gives her a chance she didn't used to get to meet and know the players early in the season. It gives the players a break from dorm food and a chance to relax for an hour or so in a homey setting. There's even a back yard pool that they use most days.