A Moab dentist has had his license to prescribe certain drugs revoked and was placed on eight years probation for self-administering unprescribed drugs more than a year ago, an order said.

Dr. Brent Johansen will be allowed to maintain his dental practice but will be restricted in the types of drugs he can prescribe and administer to patients, the order said.Specifically, Johansen's license to prescribe schedule II drugs has been revoked, schedule III license has been suspended for at least one year and schedule IV-V license was placed on eight years probation. His dental license was also placed on eight years probation.

According to the order issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Johansen surrendered his schedule II license to federal authorities in February 1990, following his termination from the Montezuma Creek Dental Clinic where dental assistants said they observed him treating a patient while drug impaired.