Pauline Rice, mother of Salt Lake's Barbara Rice, was born in Lovell, Wyoming to Grace Thomas and Joseph Baldwin Crosby. Her life story is a classic example of Feast and Famine, many times over again.

She died Tuesday morning at Halifax Medical Center, Daytona Beach, Florida. She was 83.Born into a strict Mormon heritage, her grandfather helped build the original Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and then led the first group of Mormons to Northern Wyoming. She grew up in Salt Lake City in wealth and luxury. Her father, Joe, was partners with the famous Buffalo Bill Cody (Scout, Frontiersman, and owner of the Wild West Show) They also owned Gold mines and sheep herds. All was lost when her father went into a long coma and died, leaving Pauline and her mother penniless. These two poor, but energetic women set out for the bright lights of New York City. Her mother became a private tutor, and Pauline a trained hairdresser, and they traveled the seasons from New York to Miami. They even owned a car! Then again, famine, as the great depression set in. But, it made them work even harder and on a route passing through the mountains of North Carolina she met Clyde Rice. Next came three mountain kids, a log cabin to live in, not much money, but a lot of promise for the future. Clyde became a successful Civil Engineer for the Enka Corporation wand was titled Master Builder. Pauline traveled to many places, including her favorite place Hawaii as one of Hawaiian Tropic's knowledgeable business advisors. It's amazing to think that in this day of fast cars, jet planes and space travel, she still remembered as a child crossing the western badlands in a covered wagon.

Survivors include two sons, Crosby Rice, Winnsboro, South Carolina; Ron Rice, Ormond Beach, Florida; a daughter, Barbara Rice, Salt Lake City; and three grandchildren.

Dale Woodward Funeral Home, Holly Hill, Florida, is in charge.

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