The state school board has approved a tuition increase at Utah's five applied technology centers over the objections of one of the facilities.

Starting July 1, students who attend the facilities in Ogden, Kaysville, Logan, Richfield and Roosevelt will see school costs increase about 8 percent, or from 65 to 70 cents per instructional hour.Full-time students attend six hours of classes each day for 12 weeks, meaning tuition will generally increase about $18 per 12-week session.

When preparing their 1991 budget requests, administrators for all the facilities except Ogden asked for the tuition increase.

Ogden-Weber ATC Superintendent Brent Wallis said his advisory council chose not to recommend the higher charge, fearing it could keep students from attending classes that could make them self-sufficient.

Wallis said his center serves a population with more disadvantaged individuals than the other four facilities.

In addition, he said a greater percentage of Ogden-Weber ATC students attend the school with federal support. The more expensive the classes, the fewer the number of students who can benefit from federal aid.

"We really would have liked to see tuition stay what it was," he said.

But Wallis added that he and other school officials will continue their efforts to keep tuition costs down in the future.

Associate state schools superintendent Bruce Griffin said he sympathized with the center's concerns but told the board that tuition costs should be the same at all the facilities.

"The centers make up a system, and I believe we need to create a point of equity," he said.

Griffin added that the Legislature may be less likely to provide additional funding in the future if the centers are not willing to show a legitimate effort to produce some themselves.