German lawmakers returning from a world congress in Pyongyang vilified North Korean leader Kim Il Sung Saturday as a modern-day Hitler or Stalin and called for global pressure demanding the liberalization of Kim's "bloody dictatorship."

The delegates, meeting reporters in Beijing after the short flight from Pyongyang, said North Korea again balked at allowing international teams to inspect its nuclear reactors, believed in the West to be developing bomb-making capabilities.The IPU meeting's closing Saturday coincided with a meeting between Kim and Chinese Premier Li Peng, who said hard-line communist neighbors "China and Korea are linked by mountains and rivers, just like lips and teeth," China's Xinhua news agency said.

The six Germans were uniform in their scorn for Kim and his lockstep control of North Korea's 23 million people.

"I've seen many bloody dictatorships but I've never seen one like this," Free Democrat Ulrich Irmer said. "They try to keep people from thinking, to regiment and control life from morning to night. There is no individualism left."

Social Democrat Uwe Holtz called the weeklong stay "a terrible experience" and said only international pressure would shake North Korea free of Kim's grip.