A state attorney has decided not to prosecute news organizations that violated Florida law by identifying the woman who said she was raped by a nephew of Sen. Edward Kennedy at the Kennedy family compound.

Circuit Judge Richard Burk had given State Attorney David Bludworth until Monday to make his case for prosecuting the news agencies, but Bludworth has not filed his argument with the court and abandoned, at least temporarily, his quest for clarification of the law.Bludworth was unavailable for comment Saturday but his spokesman, Jack Freese, was quoted Saturday in The Miami Herald as saying, "Nothing will be filed . . . Monday on anything."

Bludworth could decide later to file second-degree misdemeanor charges under the 1911 Florida law without Burk's advice. The violation carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Police are to present their evidence in the investigation to Bludworth in a few days.

Press coverage of the case has been intense and several news organizations, including NBC News and the New York Times, reported the woman's name, prompting Bludworth to request the ruling.