To the editor:

"Thanks" to you and everyone in the Salt Lake Valley for the support you gave us, the troops in the gulf.I am attached to the 82nd Engineer Battalion currently in Iraq upholding the cease-fire.

I wanted to write and publicly announce my thanks, especially to my parents who reside in Midvale, Mrs. Karen Jerman and Mike Jerman. And all the ones who helped me and others through the war with letters and packages. And a thanks to my sister, Delilah, and her friends for keeping the faith and for the yellow ribbons.

If it weren't for people like the ones in Salt Lake Valley, it would have been a harder task. Their support and others around the nation gave us more determination and courage to meet the dangers we faced.

Kevin Jerman

HHC 82nd Engr. Bn. MST III

APO 09689