An Afrikaner club in Western Transval queued up to feast Saturday on the world's biggest barbecue - a whole giraffe roasted on a spit.

The Lichtenburg Afrikaner Klub, of Lichtenburg, 143 miles west of Johannesburg, secured the giraffe, a 10-year-old male, from a culling program, said Kobus de Beer, organizer of the barbecue. Shot, skinned and its head removed as a trophy, the giraffe yielded 1,880 pounds of meat.Chefs spent Friday night marinating the carcass in 16 gallons of barbecue sauce before the mammoth "Brai" - Afrikans for "roast" - Saturday.

To barbecue the giraffe, the longest-necked animal in the world, the club had a 20-foot spit custom made, organizers said. Four truckloads of wood were used to cook the animal.

About 1,000 people bought tickets to the event, at $37 per couple.

But animal lovers were unimpressed.

"It encourages people to believe that you can just treat these creatures as if they were of no more importance than a plastic bag, to be used and thrown away," said David Barritt, South African representative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.