Labeling themselves as issue-oriented politicians who can restore the government to the working class, local and state Democratic leaders gathered at the annual Salt Lake County Democratic convention Saturday.

Randy Horiuchi, Salt Lake County commissioner and former state party chairman, called 1992 "a critical year - the opportunity of electing a Democratic governor, senator and president is very possible."A crowd of about 350 to 400 attended the convention to express enthusiasm for the Democrats' dominance in the county commission elections last fall.

Officers were also re-elected at the Saturday morning convention at Glendale Junior High School. Earl Hardwick was re-elected as county chairman, Karen Nielsen as vice-chairman, Gary Pratt as treasurer, and Jan Johnson as secretary. Mike Zuhl and Dave Jones announced their campaign plans as candidates for Salt Lake mayor and state representative, respectively.

Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, emphasized the need to take Utah off the chemical dumping agenda. Discussing the risk factors involved with the 300,000 tons of waste unloaded in Utah each year, he criticized the chemical-waste train that recently dumped its contents of contaminated soil in Tooele County.

Utah has become a showpiece for economic development, he said, adding that waste-dumping hurts quality of life and tourism.

Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, said Democrats have the opportunity to provide new and innovative leadership. He expressed optimism about the United States' government system, saying it is the best system in the world. He emphasized the need to involve people in government.

Kyle Kopitke also reviewed his plans to unseat incumbent Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah.