Clearfield City has a problem that every wage earner can relate to:

Its income doesn't meet its projected expenses.Revenues of $3,889,000 in the city's general fund for the 1991-92 fiscal year are projected to fall about $232,000 short of budget, said City Manager Jack Bippes.

And the capital fund will run about $599,000 in the red.

So, what to do?

"We're going back to make sure our revenue projections are accurate. Then we need to see if there's anything we can trim."

But Bippes said tax increases or selling reserve investments are out of the question - at the moment.

Instead, the city may eliminate some services, such as recreation programs, public works projects, police programs.

"It's going to be across the board."

Some fees - such as the sewer connection fee, which is currently too low - may be increased. But increases to user fees and franchise taxes will be kept to a minimum.

"We're pretty competitive as far as user fees go, so we don't want to put ourselves out of line when we're trying to attract business," Bippes said.

And Bippes doesn't foresee any reduction in personnel this year.

A budget work session is scheduled for May 14. A tentative budget will probably be adopted a few weeks after that, the city manager said.