Two men were injured Saturday night when their car slammed into a bridge as they traveled westbound on 14600 South at 500 West.

It took fire officials 20 minutes to extricate a 22-year-old passenger from the car, Lt. Dennis Steadman, Salt Lake County Fire Department, reported. The man was taken by helicopter to LDS Hospital where he is in serious condition. The driver, age unknown, was able to exit the vehicle on his own. He is in stable condition at Alta View Hospital.The two men had left the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Midvale, according to Steadman. They hit the bridge going an estimated 30 mph, but there were no skid marks. Steadman said the front bumper was within a foot of the dashboard and the frame of the car was more than folded in half from the impact. The battery was only 2 inches wide after the accident and was against the dashboard, Steadman said.

County fire officials praised Draper fire personnel, Steadman said. "They showed a lot of knowledge and skill in getting the passenger out quickly and safely." Sheriff officials are investigating the cause of the accident.