Four water projects totaling $514,000 have won approval from the Utah Board of Water Resources; however, the sponsoring companies will have to wait for money to become available in the revolving loan fund before getting under way with the projects.

Spring Glen Water Company, which serves several homes in Emigration Canyon east of Hogle Zoo, will receive $95,000 toward construction of a 60,000-gallon water storage tank, pipeline improvements, service connections, fire hydrants, well improvements and a chlorination facility. The water company will put up $32,000 in matching funds. Repayment will be $3,800 annually over 25 years.Riverside Culinary Water Company in Cache County will receive $217,000 to finance improvements to its aging water system. The company serves an area west of Smithfield. Improvements include new water lines, meters, fire hydrants, a water storage reservoir and a booster pump station. Repayment will be $8,700 over 25 years.

Laketown Irrigation Company in Rich County won $30,000 to purchase a new pump, motor, control panel, flow meter and fittings for an irrigation well and pump station. The company is putting up $7,500 in matching money. Repayment will be at $1,000 annually for the first 10 years with the final three payments at $5,000 in 2002, $11,000 in 2003, and about $4,000 in 2004.

Mendon City, Cache County, will receive $172,000 to help pay for a new 300,000-gallon water storage tank, pipelines and a booster pumping station. Repayment will be over 14 years with seven payments of $18,000 annually to be followed by seven payments of $24,000 annually.

The board has seen a big increase in funding requests in recent months. To date, the board has authorized projects totaling $26 million, approved feasibility studies for another $54 million worth of projects, and expects to receive requests totaling about $389 million over the next few years.