As they did last year, Weber State's Wildcats will play offense vs. defense today as they conclude their spring practice with the 1991 Purple vs. White Intra-Squad football game at Wildcat Stadium at 2 p.m.

Last year, with a small spring squad that kept them from having enough depth to divide into two complete teams, the coaches devised a point-scoring package for the defense so they didn't have to split the team.The scoring system is based on big defensive plays and momentum-changers that normally occur in games.

"The defense would agree it works well," said coach Dave Arslanian. "They won last spring."

This spring, the 'Cats have even less depth than last year, Arslanian says, partly because of injuries and offseason surgeries to offensive players.

Weber was forced to practice inside three or four times during the NCAA-shortened spring season, but Arslanian said the coaches have been able to introduce their basic offensive and defensive packages.

Today's intra-squad game should last 11/2 to two hours, Arslanian said.