* WINNERS: Highland High School and Rose Park Elementary in Salt Lake City and Pleasant Grove High School. The three Utah schools are among 56 around the country that were honored this week by U.S. Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander for having outstanding drug prevention programs. The schools, of course, can't do the job by themselves. There must also be a high level of communitywide commitment to ridding the schools of drugs.

* WINNER: Utah - for being named this week by a leading financial magazine as the nation's best run state. Take a bow, Gov. Norm Bangerter. Financial World said Utah does "almost everything" better than other states, including having its governor establish a budget and enforce it with penalties and rewards.Last year, Fortune magazine pegged the Salt Lake City-Ogden metropolitan area as the nation's best for business, while U.S. News & World Report called Utah's capital an emerging boom town. It sounds like Utah is in a rut - the right kind of one.

LOSERS: Americans - for wasting so much energy. Each year, the Energy Foundation reported this week, Americans lose enough heat through windows to equal twice the amount of oil produced annually by the Alaskan oil pipeline.

LOSERS: The entire world - and all because of Saddam Hussein. It seems that soot from the burning oil fields in Kuwait reached Hawaii this week and probably will eventually circle the globe. The only good news is that the soot's effect on the climate is expected to be negligible.

LOSERS: The nearly one-third of overweight Americans who don't think they are too heavy. A new survey shows that far more men than women refuse to acknowledge that they are too flabby. To become winners, they must become losers - in the weight department.

LOSERS: America's health-care system - and its patrons. A report this week in the New England Journal of Medicine notes that 24 cents of every dollar Americans spend on health care goes to support people who fill out forms, push papers and second-guess medical decisions. Clearly, there's too much fat in the health-care system. Medical profession, heal thyself.