One of the most amazing things about "Dallas," which airs its final episode tonight at 8 p.m. on Ch. 5 (story on C1), is simply its longevity.

When the show premiered on April 2, 1978, Jimmy Carter was president of the United State, Calvin Rampton was governor of Utah, Ronald Reagan was just the former governor of California and George Bush, like J.R. Ewing, was working in the Texas oil business.On a more personal level, on April 2, 1978, your local television editor was a 17-year-old high school senior, about a month and a half away from graduation. (He's now 31, a high school and college graduate, and married with three children. And, with the help of reruns, he's seen every episode of "Dallas.")

Literally hundreds of television series have come and gone in the 13 years since "Dallas" premiered. If you were to watch one episode a day, it would take you almost a year to get through all 356 installments.

To help you recall some of the events involving the Ewings and the Barnes over the years, here's a quiz and a list of all those cliffhangers.


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Season-ending cliffhangers

1978-79: After an accident, Sue Ellen gives birth to John Ross Ewing III two months prematurely.

1979-80: J.R. is gunned down by an unknown assailant in the offices of Ewing Oil.

1980-81: Cliff Barnes discovers an unidentified woman floating dead in the Southfork pool.

1981-82: Cliff Barnes lies in a coma after overdosing on booze and pills in a suicide attempt.

1982-83: A big fire at Southfork endangers the lives of several family members.

1983-84: Bobby is shot by an unknown assailant in the offices of Ewing Oil.

1984-85: Bobby is run down and killed by a car driven by Katherine Wentworth.

1985-86: Pam is shocked when she wakes up and discovers a very-much-alive Bobby in her shower.

1986-87: Pam is involved in a fiery car accident with a truck.

1987-88: After J.R. tosses her boyfriend off a hotel balcony to his death, Sue Ellen shoots J.R.

1988-89: Sue Ellen heads for London after showing J.R. a nasty but true movie she's made of his life, threatening to release it if he crosses her.

1989-90: Because of one of his own plots, J.R. finds himself trapped in an insane asylum.


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The `Dallas' quiz


1. Who shot J.R.?

2. Who shot Bobby?

3. What former star of "Gilligan's Island" was J.R.'s secretary and mistress when "Dallas" premiered?

4. Three actresses played Bobby's first love, Jenna Wade. Name them.

5. What was Sue Ellen's claim to fame before she married J.R.?

6. Of J.R., Bobby, Gary and Lucy, who married, divorced, remarried, then re-divorced their first spouse?

7. Who were the biological parents of Christopher Ewing, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam?

8. Pam's "dream" not only resurrected Bobby from the dead, but two other characters as well. Who were they?

9. Whatever happened to Pam, anyway?

10. Bobby has a biological son. Who is raising him?ANSWERS

1. His sister-in-law, Kristin Shepherd (Mary Crosby).

2. His former sister-in-law, Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany).

3. Tina Louise.

4. Morgan Fairchild, Francine Tacker and Priscilla Beaulieu Presley.

5. She was Miss Texas.

6. All of them.

7. Kristin Shepherd and drug dealer Jeff Faraday (Art Hindle).

8. Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany) and Jaimee Ewing (Jennilee Harrison).

9. First, she left town after a fiery car crash destroyed her face. Then, when Cliff located her a year or so later, we learned she was suffering from a terminal disease.

10. Jenna Wade, the child's mother, and her husband, Bobby's half-brother, Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly).