Quaker State is suing its insurance companies, saying they should pay for the cleanup of a Salt Lake oil recycling site.

Three insurance companies, Firemans Fund, American Insurance Co. and National Surety Corp., provided general liability coverage to Quaker State's Minit-Lube stores in Salt Lake City. From 1977 to 1985, the car maintenance franchises owned by Quaker State sent used oil to Ekotek, a recycling facility at 1628 N. Chicago Street.According to a complaint filed in federal court, the Environmental Protection Agency notified Quaker State in 1988 that they were responsible to help cleanup the Ekotek site. The EPA said waste had migrated from the site, and hazardous substances were present in the air.

The company paid more than $50,000 for defense costs and damages, and alleges that its insurance companies are responsible for covering the property damage.

Quaker State is asking for a declaratory judgment, defense costs and damages.