A survey comparing teenage girls' opinions of their mothers to women remembering their own youthful years shows that today's mom is more open-minded and understanding, it was reported Friday.

The poll, commissioned by Tambrands Inc. and conducted by Bruskin Associates, questioned 505 teenage girls 15 to 17 years old and 502 mothers age 35 to 50.Eighty percent of the girls said their mothers were "open-minded," compared with 65 percent of the women.

"My mom really understands me," got a 78 percent vote from the girls and a 65 percent vote from the women.

Thirty-seven percent of mothers said they "never" talked about sex with their moms; 17 percent of the teenagers said the same.

Sixty-two percent of the girls described their mothers as "successful," compared with 40 percent of the women.

Both groups were close, 46 percent for girls and 45 percent for women, in describing their mothers as "dependable." The figures were reversed with replies to the question, "My mom is too strict with me."

Twenty-one percent of the girls and 14 percent of the women said their moms were "with it."

Thirty-nine percent of girls said they believed their mothers babied them too much, compared with 25 percent of women remembering their own mothers.

"My mom expects too much of me" got a 50 percent vote from the girls and a 37 percent vote from the women.