A Massachusetts eighth-grader who takes calculus with high school seniors won a national math competition Friday by correctly answering three complex final questions in rapid succession.

Jonathan Weinstein, of Jonas Clarke Middle School in Lexington, Mass., banged the buzzer almost before the moderator had finished the final question: "You have 63 one-dollar bills and six envelopes. You want to place the bills in the envelopes in such a way that any amount from $1 to $63 could be obtained by selecting a combination of envelopes. How many dollars would you place in the envelope with the greatest number of bills?""$32," came the winning answer from the 14-year old.

In its eighth year, Mathcounts, promoting seventh- and eighth-grade math achievement, included more than 350,000 students nationwide. There were 224 of the top "mathletes" competing in the nation's capital.

As the winner of the national finals, Weinstein received a gold medal, an $8,000 scholarship, a personal computer and a week at U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.