An extensive study shows a school crossing guard is not needed on north Fort Lane near the E.G. King Elementary School, Layton Police Chief Doyle Talbot reported to the City Council Thursday.

Parents and members of the school's parent-teacher association asked the council in December for a crossing guard there, and the city agreed to survey the traffic before deciding.A radar survey done by his department shows motorists are not exceeding the speed limit as many parents claim, Talbot said. The survey shows the average speed in December was 32.9 mph and a recheck this week showed it was 32.8 mph.

And, the chief said, a search of reports indicates there is a low accident rate or frequency in the area.

The city did extend a 30-mph speed limit farther north on Fort Lane to include the area, Talbot said, and road and warning signs were repositioned for better visibility.

A check by the department's traffic safety and accident investigation specialist showed the crosswalk on Fort Lane is adequately visible and motorists can see it in time to stop, Talbot said.

"My position now is the same as it was in December. I don't see that a crossing guard is justified at the site," Talbot said.

He agreed the department will continue to monitor the area and maintain an occasional presence in the area to make sure motorists pay attention to the speed limit and school crosswalk, Talbot told the council.