To the editor:

The unmitigated gall of Sandy Mayor Lawrence P. Smith, a politician, demanding rest and recreation following gall bladder surgery at Holy Cross Hospital. (Deseret News, April 16-17, "Sandy mayor discovers a hospital is no place for a sick person")Does he think this is 1951, 1961 or 1971? It now is 1991. His cronies, the politicians, outlawed rest and rec-reation for hospitals. If the mayor wanted R&R, he should have moved to the country club, a local nursing home or go home to his wife. Also, it is against the law to recuperate in hospitals, see the federal DRGs.

How dare the hospital have a very ill patient in his adjoining bed? Perhaps Smith would have preferred a cute cookie from Las Vegas, but the government rules forbid it.

Smith's fellow politicians have messed up sick care in America. The nurses are kept busy doing paperwork demanded by the politicians. Smith is unaware of the dearth of things in sickness care, the result of the politicians. In their usual ignorant way, politicians have legislated inane rules and regulations that hassle those professionals who are trying to render individualized sick care.

How sweet it is to hear a politician complain. My grandmother used to quote to me a Yiddish saying: "The way you make your bed, so shall you lie in it." And Mayor Smith inherited the misdeeds of his fellow politicians and ended lying in his comeuppance.

Victor Kassel, M.D.

Salt Lake City