People who bounce checks while registering their cars will be surprised in November, according to Salt Lake County Assessor Robert Yates.

Yates said Thursday he will tack the overdue amounts plus check fees and interest onto the property tax notices the county mails to those people. The county currently has $104,000 worth of bad car-registration checks."These people put a bigger burden on those of us who pay taxes," Yates said. "Their vehicles are registered illegally."

The county attorney's office will be notified of the check-bouncers who don't own property. The treasurer and county attorney's office have tried to collect on bad checks in the past, but Yates said more needs to be done.

Yates said people who register cars using bad checks will not be allowed to register them again the next year. A list of the offenders will be given to clerks at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

By the time Yates attaches car fees to property taxes, the checks already will have passed through the County Treasurer's collection process.

Yates said none of the offenders should act surprised come November.

"They all know they've bounced checks," he said. "Maybe they think it's an easy way to get out of doing something."