To the editor:

Look around almost any supermarket or grocery store parking lot in Utah and you will see dozens of shopping carts strewn around where they have been left by shoppers. How many times have you attempted to pull into a parking space and found it blocked by an errant cart?Even more disgraceful, you can see shopping carts abandoned blocks away from the stores, presumably discarded by shoppers who have used them to take their purchases home and have not bothered to return them.

Are shoppers too busy or too much in a hurry to return the carts, even to storage areas outside the store? Or is it that they just don't care about the store's property or other shoppers' time?

Will local stores have to resort to a system used elsewhere to control the use of shopping carts? In such places, barriers have been erected to make it virtually impossible to take a loaded cart outside the store. There you do your shopping and push your cart to a loading area, drive your car to the area and transfer your purchases.

The only forgiving aspect in the situation is that there are a good number of shoppers who make it a practice to pick up abandoned carts and take them back to the store, a good turn all appreciative shoppers should emulate.

Lavor Chaffin