President Bush expressed sorrow Friday over the devastating cyclone that killed nearly 100,000 people in Bangladesh and urged Americans to join the U.S. government in offering aid.

The White House said Bush had sent a message of condolence to Prime Minister Khaleda Zia."Our hearts go out in particular to the families of the numerous victims of this terrible tragedy," White House press secretary Marlin Fitzwater said.

Fitzwater, who accompanied Bush on a visit to St. Louis, said the United States has given Bangladesh $2.1 million in disaster assistance for medical supplies, water purification and other needs.

"We are looking into other means to help Bangladesh obtain its highest priority needs for clean water, dry food, helicopter transport, clothing and temporary shelter," Fitzwater said.

"We will be providing additional U.S. government assistance, and we call upon individual Americans and indeed all members of the international community to be as generous in providing aid and comfort to the people of this disaster-stricken nation."