All but approximately 40 personnel in the Utah National Guard's 400-member 144th Evacuation Hospital will return Sunday to Fort Carson, Colo., from Operation Deseret Storm in the Persian Gulf.

Unit members will begin demobilization processing the day after their arrival and will return to Utah within five days of May 5. The exact date and time of their arrival in Utah have not been set.Approximately 40 unit members will remain in Saudi Arabia for two to three weeks to arrange for shipment of their equipment to Utah, said Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Bob Nelson.

In Washington, Deputy Pentagon spokesman Bob Hall said that 347,000 troops, or 64 percent of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines had left the Persian Gulf. Some 193,000 remained.

U.S. officials are talking with gulf states about leaving a stockpile of equipment, conducting joint training and joint operations and keeping a small advance headquarters staff for the Central Command. So far no formal arrangmeents have been made.