When it came to restocking a fan's record collection, Frank Sinatra did it his way. He sent seven cassettes of his latest releases to Arthur Mossner of Detroit, whose collection of 400 Sinatra albums was ravaged by an irate ex-wife several years ago. The card with the tapes said, "To Arthur Mossner. Enjoy! Barbara and Frank Sinatra." "I was kind of taken aback," Mossner said. "I was thrilled. At least somebody cares. It took the wind out of my sails. But I always figured there is no substitute for class and that's why I've always been a Sinatra fan." Sinatra read about Mossner's plight in a newspaper and had been amused by the ex-wife's statement that Sinatra had never been one of her favorites. A judge awarded Mossner only $2,800 - or $7 a record - in damages from his ex-wife, even though he had claimed the collection was worth $80,000.