Hundreds of Iraqi troops withdrew Friday from an expanded allied security zone set up in northern Iraq to protect hundreds of thousands of returning Kurds. A cholera outbreak was reported among refugees on the Turkish border.

The Western relief organization Doctors Without Borders on Friday said 100 cases of cholera were reported in the past week. It said three people had died of the disease.In other developments:

- The U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Sadako Ogata, said in Geneva she had run out of funds to help Iraqi refugees and that humanitarian efforts in the Persian Gulf were in "dire jeopardy." She criticized governments for a poor response to an appeal by UNHCR for $238.5 million.

- UNHCR spokeswoman Sylvana Foa said the agency was "very, very concerned" over reports that Kurdish refugees were being persuaded to leave Turkey by "false assurances" they would be safe even outside the security zones created by American, British and French military forces.

More than 600 Iraqi soldiers, including Republican Guards, were seen passing through the hillside resort town of Sirsenk on Friday, apparently on their way to Mosul, Iraq, about 80 miles south of the Turkish border.

They headed south in a a ragtag convoy of jeeps, dump trucks and troop carriers. Some of the trucks broke down, and one had to be towed part way by the U.S. Army's 3rd Battalion of the 325th Airborne, which was manning positions on the road.