Frank Layden's brief period as a candidate for the vacant Miami coaching position was apparently the result of a joke run amok.

Layden, the Jazz president, said Thursday night that he should not be taken seriously as a coaching candidate in Miami. His name surfaced in a wire-service story Tuesday night after he reportedly said during the NBA radio network broadcast that he "would be interested" in the job.Asked Thursday if his candidacy should be taken seriously, Layden said, "No. It was said tongue in cheek. It was an off-the-cuff remark."

The former Jazz coach said he has turned down professional and college coaching offers since resigning three years ago. "If someone asks you to do anything, first you have to be flattered and second, you have to look into it. You'd have to be crazy if anyone offered you a couple of million dollars or part of the team and you don't look."

Layden went on to say he had been treated "very fairly" by team owner Larry Miller. "So I'm not looking for a job."

He added that "the whole thing started just for laughs, and it got out of hand."

Although Layden may not be a candidate for the Miami job, his name has already been linked to another. He has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the vacant New York Knicks head coaching position. John MacLeod resigned on Thursday to become coach at Notre Dame.

Asked if he would consider the Knicks' job - New York's team president is former Jazz executive Dave Checketts - Layden said, "I'd have to look into it. But they'd have to have permission from the Jazz to talk to me."

Layden said since retiring from coaching he has had "a wonderful couple of years. "I have never gone to a game where I got the feeling that `Wow! I wish I was back there."'