More than 300 bicyclists will take part in the Pedal for Power bicycle tour of Utah Sept. 10-17, sponsored by Utah's 40 non-profit, consumer-owned electric utilities in the Intermountain Consumer Power Association.

The tour consists of two routes, one starting from Glen Canyon Dam and the other from Flaming Gorge. About 50 cyclists are registered to ride the entire southern or northern route, and nearly 300 are expected to ride shorter distances.ICPA spokeswoman Alene E. Bentley said the tour covers a combined distance of nearly 1,000 miles and will take riders through virtually every public power community in the state where activities are planned to promote the benefits of public power, such as non-profit service, lower rates and local control.

She said the event will highlight the association's celebration of Public Power Week.

The bicycle tour will culminate in a ride from Murray City Power up State Street to the Capitol Sept. 17, where Gov. Norm Bangerter will meet the riders at 3 p.m.

The ride from Glen Canyon will average 64 miles a day, climbing through Zion National Park and over the Cove Fort summit at 7,200 feet. Cyclists on the north will cover an average of 63 miles a day. They will test their endurance within the first few hours of the ride by climbing more than 2,000 feet from Flaming Gorge into the Ashley National Forest, at 8,400 feet.

The IPCA will provide support vans on both tour routes to transport gear and groceries for riders. Riders will be responsible for making their own lodging arrangements or may bring camping equipment.

Registration information may be obtained by contacting the ICPA at 566-3933. A $10 registration fee will include a Pedal for Power T-shirt.