Gov. Norm Bangerter on Thursday signed an amendment to the state's public transit tax laws, clarifying a clause that could have cost Tooele County some of its recently won bus service.

The clarification, approved by lawmakers during the recent special session, involved whether an entire county or just selected unincorporated communities could vote on whether to pay taxes toward Utah Transit Authority bus service.Voters in Grantsville, Tooele and the unincorporated communities of Erda, Lincoln, Stansbury Park and Lake Point voted last November in favor of being taxed for UTA service. But the State Tax Commission questioned whether it could impose the transit tax because it interpreted the law to say the entire county had to vote, not just selected communities.

The amendment allows for just the affected communities in a county to approve a transit tax.

UTA spokesman Bill Barnes said without the amendment, UTA would have lost as much as $10,000 in anticipated tax revenue, which could have reduced service by one run.

"Buses go through (the unincorporated areas) anyway, so there still would have been service," he said.