Trading principals at elementary schools in the Sevier District have some parents disgruntled, while others are objecting to moving athletic events to Saturdays and summer months.

Barbara White, president of the Ashman Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association, accused the board of "ripping the heart out of our school."The board, in a most unusual move, decided to exchange principals at elementary schools in Monroe, Salina and Richfield. Assistant Superintendent Boyd Kiesel defended the move, contending "the strengths of each man should be shared throughout the district" and that there would be opportunities for principals to grow, expand and learn.

Board President Jerold Johnson said this would be a perfect time for the changes because the district has four equally strong principals. But some parents didn't see it that way, especially at the Ashman school.

Ashman Elementary Principal Ron Utley said he was amazed and pleased at the support of the parents who want to keep him at his present post. "We have a tradition of caring and sharing with each other that runs throughout the school," he said.

The PTA president said there was a "great deal of concern" voiced to the school board members by teachers, the PTA and parents before the changes were made. "We feel that as parents we should have been allowed a voice in this matter," White said.

In the athletic scheduling matter, Region 10 representatives changed the scheduling to give students more instructional time in the regular school day, Richfield High School Principal Ivan Rowley explained at the district's board of education meeting. He is a representative to the regional board.

Region officials adopted a plan to stage football playoff games on Saturdays, volleyball in the fall on Fridays and Saturdays, cross country activities in the fall and wrestling on Thursday nights. It was recommended that baseball and softball begin practice March 23, the first game to be held April 3 and on Fridays and Saturdays, and state playoffs and the championship game in June.

Some who attended the district board meeting questioned why such activities must be held in the summer if scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays. They complained that scheduling would conflict with jobs, vacations, other athletic programs and special trips planned by students.