There's nothing wrong with having an arch on Utah's centennial license plates that some say resembles McDonald's golden arches.

The inside of my car is trash monument to the fast-food restaurant. I realized that when I was cleaning it out the other day.Here's an itemized list of what I found and where found it:

- One package of ketchup. Squished. We always toss the extras into the ashtray. This one got caught into one the tray's hinges as it was closed. I probably realized it at the time but didn't do anything about it. It's kind of like putting the lid on a maple syrup bottle without first wiping away the excess syrup.

- Thirteen french fries of varying lengths. Some hard, some soft. I pulled a few out from the crack in the back seat. Others were hiding under the front seats. It looked as if my 3-year-old son had bit into most of the fries and then discarded them.

- One Happy Meal box. Smashed. As soon as the kid snags the toy out of the box, that's it. He drops the box and the rest of its contents on the floor. It works its way under the driver's seat from there.

- A regular hamburger once bitten. I have to blame the kid again. The meal isn't nearly as exciting as the toy. The burger was also under the driver's seat.

- A Flip Car. It's one of those dandy little gadgets in the Happy Meal. I found it under the boy's car seat which, if you haven't figured our already, is behind the driver's seat. We'd been searching for that thing for months. It didn't really matter that we found that one. We'd been to McDonald's four times since losing it.

- Two drink cups. One was under the passenger seat, the other was flattened behind the brake pedal. The one under the seat was half full of melted ice. Luckily, the lid and the straw were still in place.

- One Big Mac wrapper. It was wadded up in a ball and stuffed under the emergency brake between the two seats.

Now, I know that state officials would have a problem with Utah's license plates advertising for McDonald's even though it's OK to do for the ski industry.

But if the arch on the centennial plate fits other cars the way it does mine, why not use it.

Besides, it would be a pretty great way to change the state's slogan to "Utah is your kind of place."