A convenience store clerk told police a man pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him over the price of some nachos.

The 29-year-old clerk at 7-Eleven, 109 S. 300 East, said two men came into the store Tuesday, grabbed a small nacho tray and filled it with enough nachos to fill a large nacho tray.The three of them argued over what price they should pay and one of the customers then told the clerk to step outside and fight, a Salt Lake police report stated.

The clerk said he went outside as the suspects were backing up their vehicle to leave. He said one of the men in the car then told him to come over so he could shoot him and showed him what appeared to be a .38 caliber revolver.

Police later located the suspects, searched their car and apartment but found no gun. The two men told officers it was the clerk who got belligerent about the nachos and wanted to fight with them. They denied having a gun and said they simply paid for the nachos and left.

No arrests were made.