Utah's AFL-CIO endorsed most Democratic candidates during the organization's 32nd annual convention Friday:

Ted Wilson for governor, Brian H. Moss for the U.S. Senate, Gunn McKay in the 1st Congressional District and Rep. Wayne Owens in the 2nd District.In the 3rd District, the group endorsed Robert V. Stringham in the Democratic primary this month and after that time the names of the winner and Rep. Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah, will be referred to the council for a recommendation.

The AFL-CIO prefers Democrat Paul Van Dam to Republican incumbent David L. Wilkinson for attorney general; Democrat Art Miller to incumbent Tom L. Allen, a Republican, for state auditor; and Democrat Art Monson to Republican Edward T. Alter, also an incumbent, for state treasurer.

The delegates also voted to oppose the three tax initiatives that will be on the November ballot.

The group voted mainly to support Democratic candidates for the legislature, but did endorse some incumbent Republicans. Most of the Republicans receiving the group's support were those without Democratic opponents.

Here are the people endorsed for the House districts:

1. Thomas F. Munns; 2. Rob Bishop; 3. Richard D. Anthony; 4. Frank Prante; 5. Gerald Allen; 6. Duane Winchester; 7. Grant D. Protzman; 8. Haynes R. Fuller; 9. John B. Arrington; 10. Dionne P. Halverson; 11. no endorsement yet between Douglas J. Holmes and Bernard L. Allen; 12. no recommendation on Nolan E. Karras and Norman Gene Jones.

13. Joe Hull; 14. no recommendation on Republicans Scott Holt and D.J. Fisher or Democrat Bruce G. Parry; 15. James E. Hurst; 16. Ann Preston; 17. referred to committee on Republicans Walt Bain and Don Sperry Redd and Democrat Jack E. Distel; 18. Lillian B. Wood; 19. Kim Burningham; 20. no endorsement yet on Republicans Nancy Sontagg Lyon and Lorin E. Martin and Democrat Steven T. Cottrell.

21. Beverly J. White; 22. Ted D. Lewis; 23. Frank R. Pignanelli; 24. Paula Julander; 25. Joanne Milner; 26; Blaze D. Wharton; 27. both G. Lamont Richards and David M. Jones; 28; Robert A. Adams; 29. no endorsement until after Democrat primary; 30. Gene Davis; 31. Ervin Skousen in the primary.

32. Janet Rose; 33. Tom Kearin; 34. Susan Way; 35; Key Zenger in the primary; 36. Max Young; 37. no endorsement yet on David Ostler and Norman Chesler; 38. Sam Moore; 39. no endorsement yet on Conrad Maxfield and Val Lund; 40, Richard J. Bjornn, 41. Ella D. Westley; 42. Kurt Oscarson.

43. Paul Thompson; 44. no endorsement yet on R. Mont Evans and David E. Brown; 45. Wesley Huntsman; 46. Kelly Atkinson; 47. Paul Hiskey; 48. Arlo James; 49. Bob Anderton; 50. Allan C. Rushton; 51. Hugh D. Rush; 52. Daniel Tuttle; 53. Brent H. Goodfellow; 54; Jean Stauffer; 55. Beverly Ann Evans; 56. Charles Gray; 57, Lars Jenkins; 58. LaVon Laursen; 59. no endorsement until after the Republican primary; 60. Helen B. Weeks.

61. Lee Ellertson; 62. Jeril Wilson; 63. Janette C. Hales in the primary; 64. James T. Peterson; 65. Glen V. Bird; 66. Tim Moran; 67. Drew W. Daniels; 68. no endorsement yet on Joseph Moody and James J. DeWyze; 69. Ray Nielsen; 70. Mike Dmitrich; 71. Steven G. Player in primary; 72. Haze Hunter; 73. no recommendation; 74. David M. Adams; 75. no endorsement on Republicans Robert A. Slack and Ray Schmutz and Democrat Rick D. Palmer.

The Utah Senate endorsements are:

2. W. Rex Black; 5. Dix Holt McMullin in the primary; 6. Steve Rees; 8. no endorsement yet on Republican Fred Finlinson and Democrats Al Richardson and Elgin Hokanson; 14. no endorsement yet on Craig A. Peterson; 16. Chuck Peterson; 17. Eldon A. Money; 19. Darrell G. Renstrom; 20. Roger Rawson; 23. no endorsement yet on Republicans Lane Beatie and Jack P. Redd and Democrat Nelda Bishop; 25. Chris S. Coray; 27. Omar Bunnell; 28. Henry Willesen; 29. no endorsement yet on Republicans James Eardley and Dixie Leavitt.