The signs of spring and summer are finally arriving: sunshine, frisbees, bare legs - and motorcycle cops on State Street.

This weekend, the Salt Lake Police Department's motorcycle squad begins its summertime enforcement schedule. The State Street crowds always expand as the temperatures rise, but police say they'll be there to keep an eye on things."During the summer, we concentrate on State Street because that's where all the activities are going on, especially on Fridays and Saturdays," said Salt Lake Police spokesman Sgt. Scott Atkinson.

The increased police efforts have helped make the popular hangouts for teenagers and young adults safer, Atkinson said. Parking enforcements and other regulations imposed last year have helped decrease the number of major problems officers have had to deal with.

The motorcycle squad will concentrate on the following problems:

- Alcohol violations such as DUIs, open containers in vehicles and minors in possession of alcohol.

- Trespassing on private property. Many State Street business owners have posted their parking lots as private property and have requested that police help curtail littering and vandalism.

- Unsafe driving practices such as speeding, exhibition driving, improper passenger seating and other violations.

- Curfew violations. City ordinances prohibit children under 14 from being on the streets after midnight. Those 14 to 18 years old may not be out after 2 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

- Noise ordinance violations created by stereos or vehicles with loud exhaust systems.

- Parking during restricted hours. Some areas of State Street prohibit parking during night hours. Such areas are posted.