FHP Health Care has settled a malpractice suit in a case involving a Weber County woman whose breast cancer was initially misdiagnosed.

The settlement involved an undisclosed payment and an agreement from the family of Pamela Slater that they would not file a wrongful death lawsuit should the cancer recur and the woman die.Slater had been awarded $650,000 in a verdict by 2nd District Court Judge David Roth following a February trial. Roth had said in his decision there was "clear evidence of malfeasance on the part of FHP."

Evidence showed a lump in her right breast had been mistakenly diagnosed in 1988 as a cyst by an FHP physician's assistant.

The tumor wasn't found until a year later, at which time Slater underwent a modified radical mastectomy of her right breast, as well as radiation and chemotherapy because the cancer had spread into her lymph system.