A 78-year-old widow robbed during a shopping trip last week has won nearly $2.8 million from a lottery.

Great-grandmother Peg Regan, who collected her check Wednesday during a ceremony at London's Dorchester Hotel, said she would use the money to mend her garden and buy gifts for others."It will be presents for everyone, though I have such a big family it will take me a long time to work out what they are all going to get," said Mrs. Regan, of Leigh-on-Sea, 25 miles east of London.

"When you get to my time you have got everything," she said. "I don't like flying and I don't like the water."

The $2.79 million in winnings helped soften the blow of having her purse stolen last week with $130 inside, Regan said.

"I felt awful. . . . I tucked my purse under my arm and the next time I wanted it I found it had been stolen," she said.