A teenager whom prosecutors called the most prolific graffiti vandal in the nation has been sentenced to a year in jail and more than 1,500 hours of graffiti cleanup.

Daniel Ramos, 18, scrawled his "tag," or nickname, "Chaka," in about 10,000 public places from Los Angeles to San Francisco, causing $500,000 damage to walls, trains, traffic and light poles and freeways, prosecutors say."The extent of the property damage made this the worst case of graffiti vandalism we have seen in Los Angeles or heard of anywhere else in the nation," City Attorney James Hahn said after Ramos' no-contest plea April 23, to 10 vandalism counts.

Municipal Court Commissioner Robert Sandoval ordered Ramos to clean up graffiti for a minimum of 65 hours a month, for a total of 1,560 hours.

Law officers believe the name "Chaka" was taken from the name of a mischievous character in the 1970s children's TV series "Land of the Lost."