Two of the honorees at next month's Freedom Festival Awards Gala have direct ties to the Middle East - one lives in Israel, the other fled Iran.

Teddy Kollek has been the mayor of Jerusalem since 1965. Since the Six Day War unified the city in 1967, Kollek has worked to enhance municipal services and build peace and respect among Jerusalem's Christians, Jews and Muslims. All three groups regard the city as sacred.A former Michigan housewife, Betty Mahmoody has drawn international acclaim for her book "Not Without My Daughter," which chronicles her and her now 11-year-old daughter's escape from Iran. In 1984, Mahmoody's Iranian husband went to Tehran for what was supposed to be a two-week visit with relatives. Mahmoody and her daughter, Mahtob, were not allowed to leave the country.

The two adults will be presented Freedom Awards and the girl will be awarded a scholarship at the annual semiformal dinner event June 28, at the Wilkinson Center Ballroom at Brigham Young University.

An award will also be given to a yet undisclosed participant in Operation Desert Storm.

Provo Police officer Jackie Guibord, who emerged as the official pin-up girl for U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia following her appearance in a Wrangler Jeans advertisement, will also be honored.

Tickets are $25 per person and $200 per table and are available by calling the mayor's office at 379-6100. The gala features dinner, dancing and a slide show honoring those who served in Operation Desert Storm. Nearly two-thirds of the tables have already been reserved.