A man who eluded Duchesne County deputy sheriffs after he escaped in November from a patrol car while handcuffed is now in the custody of law enforcement officials in Oregon.

Terry L. Butler, 40, of Grants, New Mexico, formerly of Utah, was apprehended by the Columbia County Sheriff's Department last week following a high-speed chase, according to Duchesne County Deputy Sheriff Doug Horrocks.Butler is wanted by both Duchesne County and Roosevelt City on a variety of charges stemming from the November 19, 1990, theft of a shotgun from a truck in downtown Roosevelt.

According to reports, Butler and a companion, Joseph Purnell of Texas, were stopped in Duchesne by former deputy Rick Harris. As Harris was attempting to arrest the two, Purnell fled on foot. When Harris followed in pursuit, Butler - who had been handcuffed and left unattended in the patrol car - also escaped on foot.

Purnell was found the following day west of Duchesne near the Starvation Bridge. He was later extradited to Texas on an outstanding warrant for vehicle theft, according to court records.

Following his escape, Butler remained at large until his capture last week in Oregon.

Butler is wanted by Roosevelt police on a charge of second-degree felony for theft of a firearm. Duchesne County plans to file additional charges, said Horrocks. Butler is expected to be extradited within the next few weeks.