Physical evidence at the site of a recent cow killing southeast of Moab has officials optimistic they will be able to track down who did it.

Deputy Kent Green said the Grand County sheriff's office has followed up on several leads and within a week should have "something solid" from the state crime lab to act on."I think it's pretty good evidence," Green said. He doubted that the incident was related to recent cattle killings in near Hanksville in Garfield County.

"I think some people went out spotlighting and wanted to see a cow drop," Green said. "Whoever did it, did it deliberately; I'm guessing for the fun of it."

Evidence retrieved by investigators included a single bullet from a .30-caliber rifle. Green said the bullet traveled from the right shoulder through the heart and lodged in the animal's left shoulder.

"It dropped the cow instantly, right in her tracks," Green said. "Whoever shot this cow most definitely knew what they were doing, because it was shot 10-15 feet from the vehicle."

A $1,000 reward is being offered by the Utah Cattlemen's Association and the local chapter for information leading to arrest and conviction in the case.

The cow, valued at $1,000, was shot late in the night April 19 or early morning April 20 on Johnson's Up-On-Top ridge north of Ken's Lake in Spanish Valley. Green said the cow had a calf, which was not harmed.

Vehicle tracks and footprints were found both at the slaughter site and at an unlocked gate leading to the area, he said.