Jim Bowcut is very intelligent - almost a genius, according to his younger brother, John. He built a television camera that allowed him to broadcast images through an antenna back to his television screen.

Provo police believe he also built the bombs placed on buildings in Provo and Orem during the past four months.Two weeks ago Provo police arrested Jim Bowcut, who lives in Orem, and charged him with building and placing bombs on the Orem City Library, a Wasatch Mental Health office in Provo and a Provo LDS stake chapel. The bombs at the library and the office building failed to detonate. The bomb placed at the chapel exploded, causing $3,000 damage.

While Jim Bowcut may be intelligent, he is also very sick, according to his brother.

One year ago Jim Bowcut was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. John Bowcut hopes that "maybe now, maybe this time, we and society can help protect Jim from his own mind."

"It was truly amazing and terrifying when I first learned of Jim's illness and went to see him in the hospital," John Bowcut wrote in a letter sent to local newspapers. "Here was this incredibly logical and intelligent man, whose every other thought processes were normal, explaining to me about how everyone was involved in a plot to control and hurt him."

On Tuesday Deputy County Attorney John Allan filed a motion in 4th District Court requesting a competency evaluation for Jim Bowcut. He expects the motion to be granted and, if Bowcut is found mentally ill, he will probably be placed in some kind of treatment program.

If he is found competent, a preliminary hearing will be scheduled in 4th District Court.

Jim Bowcut, 33, is the fourth of seven brothers. John is the only brother living in Utah. He believes that if his brother committed the bombings, the motive is simple.

"He (Jim) believes if he gets publicity maybe someone will see the great injustice that is being done to him," John Bowcut said. "He truly believes that somehow we are controlling his mind and trying to hurt him. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone, although it certainly could have happened - most likely to himself.

"He needed to find somebody who would listen," John Bowcut said in an interview. "He told me he needed to stop the rape of his mind. I just thought that he would do it with his TV camera and get picked up by the FCC."