Utah's teachers are earning an average of 7.3 percent more this school year than last, with paychecks growing from $23,686 annually in 1989-90 to $25,415 now.

The averages, excluding career ladder funds of estimated at roughly $1,845, were contained in a Utah Education Association research bulletin released last week.The report was gleaned from Utah Office of Education statistics provided for the National Education Association's "Estimates of School Statistics" publication.

The UEA said the average monthly salary for teachers with a bachelor's degree is $1,432, or 7.03 percent higher than 1989-90.

Park City, at $1,647, leads the state's 40 school districts. Wayne County is at the bottom with a $1,313 figure.

Park City also leads for the amount paid to teachers with master's degrees, $2,828 a month. Daggett County pays the least in that category, $2,024. The state average is $2,501 - a 7.47 percent hike.

In rankings of minimum bachelor's degree salaries, Park City is at the top with $19,765 for 1990-91. The state average is $17,185.

Salt Lake City School District, at $18,992, is second. Filling out the top 10 are Emery, $18,530; Murray, $18,323; Sevier, $18,200; Jordan, $17,870; North Sanpete, $17,774; Millard, $17,648; Washington, $17,576; and South Summit, $17,500.

At the bottom of the list is Wayne County, paying $15,761.