Fifth and final ceremony of 1991 Sterling Scholar awards programs in the state honored another region's outstanding high school seniors recently.

Twelve young men and women were named winners during the 11th annual Sterling Scholars of Northeast Utah ceremony, held in Wasatch High School. They were honored for their scholastic excellence, leadership and citizenship.Following judging earlier in the day, an additional 24 were selected as runners-up in 12 categories: English, speech and drama, mathematics, social science, science, foreign language, visual arts, industrial education, home economics, business education, music and general scholarship.

The awards were presented by committee members of the participating districts of Daggett, Duchesne, Morgan, North Summit, Park City, South Summit, Rich, Tooele, Uintah and Wasatch.

The following are winners, listed first, and runners-up, listed alphabetically:

English - Jeannine Swallie, Grantsville; Gwen Hamilton, Duchesne; and Jasyn Jones, Morgan.

Speech and drama - Tiffany Montgomery, Union; Corbin Gordon, Wasatch; and Jenny Lind Polson, Park City.

Mathematics - Jenn Poulson, Duchesne; Kathleen Darlington, Uintah; and Todd Lawton, Grantsville.

Social science - Benjamin R. Jordan, Union; Rebecca Kinsel, Wasatch; and Taigon Worthen, South Summit.

Science - Kristen Larson, Grantsville; Tiffany Anderton, Morgan; and Selena M. Sweat, Wendover.

Foreign language - Sharilynn Larsen, Union; Anne Elizabeth Barber, Morgan; and Sam Snyder, Park City.

Visual arts - Amy Toronto, Wasatch; Daniel Bethers, South Summit; and Kimberlee Corpany, Morgan.

Industrial education - Annel Hall, Uintah; Tassie Brydson, South Summit; and Ritchie D. Olsen, Union.

Home economics - Mitzi Woolstenhulme, North Summit; Rebecca Bitner, Grantsville; and Sue Spencer, Duchesne.

Business Education - Heather Beer, South Summit; Kristy Casper, North Summit; and Gary Thompson, Duchesne.

Music - Dana C.R. Gress, Park City; John Griffiths, Grantsville; and Kimberly Hunt, Union.

General Scholarship - David Curtis, North Summit; Trisha Garn, Morgan; and Ryan McDaniel, Park City.

Jeannine Swallie



Tiffany Montgomery



Jenn Poulson



Benjamin R. Jordan


Social Science

Kristen Larson



Sharilynn Larsen


Foreign Language

Amy Toronto


Visual Arts

Annel Hall


Ind. Education

Mitzi Woolstenhulme

North Summit

Home Economics

Heather Beer

South Summit

Bus. Education

Dana C.R. Gress

Park City


David Curtis

North Summit

Gen. Scholarship